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a bit about me:

I am an Assistant Professor in Developmental Psychology at the University of Oregon. 


My research focuses on 1) how children and adolescents marginalized or socially excluded surrounding the intersections of race or ethnicity, social class, gender, and other forces develop beliefs, feelings, and actions that challenge systemic inequities (critical consciousness development), and 2) how this critical consciousness empowers marginalized youth to negotiate structural constraints surrounding educational attainment and wellness.


I employ a strengths-based community-based approach (Youth-Led Participatory Action Research) to my research by not only exploring how systems of power impact development, but also how children and youth can be their own agents of change in reimagining and transforming institutions that have systematically disadvantaged our most vulnerable communities.


A central goal of my work is to deepen our understanding of how marginalized youths’ consciousness of inequities may empower them to negotiate structural constraints.

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