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I am committed to pursuing equity and justice in my scholarship, teaching, mentorship, service, and within the larger community. Systemic inequities against minoritized groups are deeply embedded within our institutions. The systems that uphold these injustices are the product of individual conscious and unconscious biases and modern and historical efforts to uphold racial inequities.

Thus, my students and I aim to hold ourselves accountable to work against these biases and inequities in our scholarship as well as in our advocacy.

Towards these efforts, we have created the following goals related to justice, equity, and inclusion: 

1) Create and maintain an inclusive, diverse, and equitable research and classroom space for people from all walks of life and backgrounds;

2) Denounce racism, discrimination, and violence against minoritized groups; 

3) Produce scholarship that seeks to understand and interrupt injustice and inequalities; 

4) Educate ourselves on the historic and modern injustices and the perspectives of minoritized populations; 

5) Advocate for the justice and equitable treatment of oppressed peoples (especially children and youth) in our local community and nationally. 

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