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Academic Appointment

University of Oregon

2022-Present          Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Editorial Appointments

2022-Present          Associate Editor, Evidence & Policy

2021-Present          Editorial Board, Journal of Early Adolescence

2021-Present.         Editorial Board, Journal of Adolescent Research

2021                        Special Issues Editor (with Drs. Leoandra Onnie Rogers and Joana Lee Williams), Critical approaches to 

                                 adolescent development: Reflections on theories and methods for pursuing anti-racist developmental

                                 science (two-part special issue). Journal of Adolescent Research.

Recent Fellowships and Research Awards

2023-2028              William T Grant Scholar Program

2023                        Early Career Award, Society for Community Research and Action, American Psychological Association                                              (Division 27)

2019                         Junior Research Member, Jacobs Foundation Social Learning and Cultural Evolution, Society for Research

                                 in Child Development

2019                        Research Scholar, Society for Community Research and Action, American Psychological Association                                                (Division 27)

Recent Grant Funding

Current Grants

2023-2028             Principal Investigator, William T Grant Foundation (Scholars Program), "Mapping the civics education                                   landscape: Identifying the role of research and politics in educational decision-making", $350,000.     

Completed Grants

2021-2022               Co-investigator (with Drs. Jocelyn Dautel (PI), Emma Flynn, Katherine Corriveau, Jennifer Neal, Jing Xu,

                                  Christin Scholz, and Laura Wood), Templeton World Charity Foundation, "Communicating 'truth':                                           Information diffusion and belief revision within and across polarized groups in Northern Ireland",                                         $100,000.

2017-2019               Principal Investigator, Spencer Foundation, "Exploring pathways towards sense of community:                                               Examining multicultural programming for minority students", $45,609.

Selected Publications

Kornbluh, M. (2023). Making the case for YPAR opportunities to enhance social developmental scholarship. Social Development, 1-17. 

Kornbluh, M., Rogers L.O., & Wiliams  J., Shared-first authorship. (2021). What we see and how it matters: Critical

theories for anti-racist adolescent research. Journal of Adolescent Research, 36(6), 563-568.

Kornbluh, M., Johnson, L., Hart, M. (2021). Shards from the glass ceiling: Exploring multi-level constructs of critical consciousness. American Journal of Community Psychology. 68, 187-201.

Kornbluh. M., Bell, S., Vierra, K., Herrnstadt, Z. (2021). Resistance Capital: Cultural capital as a gateway to college persistence for minority and first generation college students. Journal of Adolescent Research. 37(4), 501-540.  


Flanagan, C., & Kornbluh, M. (2019). How unequal is the United States? Adolescents’ images of social 

stratification. Child Development, 90(3), 957-969.


Kornbluh, M. (2017). Building bridges: Exploring the communication trends and perceived sociopolitical benefits of adolescents engaging in online social justice efforts. Youth & Society, 51(8), 1104-1126.


.Kornbluh, M.,Ozer, E. J., Allen, C. D., & Kirshner, B. (2015). Youth participatory action research as an approach to sociopolitical development and the new academic standards: Considerations for educators. The Urban Review, 47(5), 868-892.


Kornbluh, M. (2015). Combatting challenges to establishing trustworthiness in qualitative research. Qualitative 

Research in Psychology, 12(4), 397-414.


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